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Gut Health Write for UsGut Health Write for Us – Your immune system, your mental health, and your general wellbeing are all impacted by the condition of your gut.

Your gastrointestinal system has a nice mix of gut bacteria and can effectively digest and absorb nutrients when you have a healthy gut.

However, an imbalance in your gut flora may result in undesirable gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhoea as well as issues with your mental health.

What Foods Have A Favorable Or Bad Impact On Gut Health?

A high sugar diet is associated with an expansion of harmful bacteria in the stomach. Alcohol and processed meals can both have a bad effect on intestinal health.

Whole grains, onions, garlic, fermented foods, miso, and yoghurt are examples of prebiotic and probiotic foods that nourish the beneficial bacteria in your stomach. The bacteria will increase in number with a diet high in fibre and prebiotics.

Moderation is crucial if you don’t want to totally leave off items like sugar, alcohol, or artificial sweeteners.

Balance is key, according to Lori Chang, MD Anderson’s associate director of clinical nutrition. Eating the rainbow can truly have a positive effect on your stomach, according to experts.

Do gut health and mental health go hand in hand?

There is a good reason why people refer to the stomach as their “second brain.” The nerve that connects your gut and brain allows for a lot of communication between the two, according to Chang.

Brain fog and irritation are two psychological signs of a gut bacterial imbalance. “Organisms that like to feed off sugar can communicate with your brain to eat more sugar,” Chang further explains. And occasionally, communication can take precedence over reason.

What Can You Do To Help Your Gut’s Beneficial Bacteria?

What Can You Do To Help Your Gut's Beneficial Bacteria?Another method to promote a healthy gut is by following a plant-based diet that contains fibre from colourful fruits and vegetables and fermented foods, getting enough sleep, and controlling your stress levels.

Start small with food adjustments if you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, then progress.

“Your body is like to a web of spiders. You can’t affect one section of a web without affecting the others, according to Chang.

Eating seasonally is a straightforward way to start eating healthily. Seasonal fruits and vegetables taste better and provide more nutrients.

What are the telltale indications or symptoms of gut health issues?

There may be a problem if you have diarrhoea, constipation, weight gain, bloating, or gas. Some may have skin rashes or poor breath. Your quality of life may be affected by these symptoms.

According to Chang, you can’t absorb nutrients if you can’t break down the food you eat. “Chewing and saliva trigger the first stages of digestion in the mouth. Most of your nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, where nutritional degradation proceeds.

Therefore, it’s crucial to chew your meal properly in order to initiate and enhance the digestive process.

Chang advises people to begin acting as “a poop detective,” adding that your faeces may reveal a lot about your health.

“You are aware of your typical bowel movements. Dietitian Sheila Vo continues, “If you’re outside of it, your body will tell you what it needs or what you have too much of.

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