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Alternative Health Write for us – Submit and Contribute Post

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Alternative Health Write for us.

Alternative Health Write for us.Alternative Health Write for us – We don’t care if you’re a newcomer to the industry or a long-time health expert; as long as it’s shocking, intelligent, and attractive, we’re interested in publishing it on SDH.

We ask that the pieces be between 1,000 and 1,500 words and feature external resources to validate the arguments within the report. Resources should be hyperlinked within the details so readers can consult external information and follow your point. Make sure the piece is informative AND shows the voice of the author. We are looking for argumentative pieces, not informational pieces.

We Welcome Conscious Taxpayers!

Our true intent is to connect our website visitors with a wide selection of mindful and transformative practitioners and health professionals, authors, writers, and practitioners with alternative, holistic, and spiritual approaches and resources to meet the needs of our readers, whether they are mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

We call our business network members and expert contributors “The High Vibe Tribe,” which means they operate with the highest intent best to serve our website visitors and their clients or readers. That they can


Are you a wellness writer or health enthusiast with a passion for writing? We will be happy to publish your article on our blog. However, we are very selective and careful about the content posted on our blog.

Please follow the guidelines given below. If you accept and agree, we would like to see your article. Feel free to choose an article topic based on our blog categories. You can look at some of the existing blogs to get some ideas.

Don’t forget to review our policies and guidelines before you start writing.

How to Submit Your Articles?

For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

Why Write for Your Smart Diet Health – Alternative Health Write for us

Why Write for Your Smart Diet Health – Alternative Health Write for usSearch Terms Related to Alternative Health Write for Us

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