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How is Dry Skin Dissimilar From Dehydrated Skin?

How is Dry Skin Dissimilar From Dehydrated Skin? : Tight, rough skin with a sensation of itching, flaking, and “snakeskin” … A dehydrated skin is manifested, from the outset, by an unpleasant feeling on the face and body, especially after bathing. As it being nourished poorly, the skin does not effectively fulfill its barrier function. Dry skin can easily be mistaken for dehydrated skin, which is a temporary condition.

Above all, dry skin can be defined by the sensations experienced by the sufferer. The person feels uncomfortable, the skin tightens, feels rough, and the application of an appropriate product helps to mitigate the discomfort.

Sometimes the symptoms may be accompanied by itching or burning.

The doctor will diagnose dry skin (also called xerosis) based on two objective criteria:  a pale and devitalized appearance, epidermal clinical signs of peeling, cracking, sometimes inflammation, and loss of elasticity. Irregularities on the surface of the skin can be more serious than dryness.

In addition, dry skin is favorable terrain for the appearance of eczema, particularly in the form of prominent (or pityriasis, whitish and dry patches on the skin), which suddenly appears on the cheeks and arms of children (following a chart of atopic dermatitis). Check here, for more information about the best moisturizing and hydrating products.

Within dry skin, can distinguish several states.

What are The Causes of Dry Skin?

The surface of healthy skin naturally protected by the hydrolipidic film, which, as its name indicates, is mainly made up of water and lipids (sebum). This waterproof barrier is a defense of the skin against external aggressions and prevents the loss of water.

When there is an inequity of water and lipids in the upper layer of the epidermis, it cannot carry out the barrier function effectively, and the skin begins to manifest varying degrees of discomfort, as explained above.

Unlike dehydrated skin, dry skin is a chronic condition, which is due, in general, to a genetic dysfunction: it is a type of skin, as are oily or combination skin.

How to Discriminate Between Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin?

1. Talk About Dry or Very Dry Skin

designates a particular type. It is a permanent condition characterized by a feeling of tightness in the face and body. Its cause is an anomaly of the cutaneous barrier; This skin lacks water and lipids, is thin, has redness, and has a rough texture.

2 . Dehydrated Skin

It is a phenomenon that can affect all skin types at one time or another in life. And this is reversible and temporary; it characterized by localized and punctual tightness sensations and due to poor fixation and loss of water. There discomfort at the skin level, roughness and sometimes flaking perceived, but it is just that the skin lacks moisture. Discover now everything you want to know about dry skin here.

Who Does it Affect?

Some people are born with dry skin, which is part of their genetic heritage

Likewise, the skin changes with age: the skin is drier in the case of children (except for newborns, but at this age, the loss of water is more severe), during adolescence, it becomes fatter, then it recovers its dry condition during maturity (when the sebaceous glands and sweat glands lose their functionality).

Natural skin aging causes epidermal thinning because cell renewal is no longer as efficient, and on the other hand, the horny layer tends to thicken.



If you feel persistent discomfort, it is best to consult a dermatologist to know how to diagnose dehydrated skin.

If your skin suddenly becomes dehydrated, you have to wonder what is causing this condition ,

Perhaps a change in the environment (you are working in a different atmosphere), some activity contributes to the dryness of the skin (starting to swim in the pool, the use of very aggressive soaps or shower gels),

a disease or medical treatment (such as cholesterol-lowering drugs).

If there is a responsible factor, it must corrected as much as possible.

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