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Digestive Enzymes: Why you Should Know About It

Why you Should Know About Digestive Enzymes: Digestive enzymes elements produced by our bodies that help us digest the foods we eat. These enzymes are secreted by various parts of our digestive system and help break down food components such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This breakdown allows nutrients from food to be absorbed into our bloodstream to support the functioning of all the cells in our bodies.

The Release of Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes released both in food preparation and in response to food. This means that just thinking or looking at food is enough to make your juices flow. As we burn and eventually taste our food, the number of enzymes that secreted increases.

Enzymes are secreted from our salivary glands and the cells lining our stomach, pancreas, and large and small intestines. Different types of secret enzymes depending on the types of foods we eat.

Types of Digestive Enzymes

Our bodies produce many diverse digestive enzymes to help our bodies take advantage of the different nutrients found in the foods we consume. The following are some of the most incredible common kinds of enzymes:


It is an essential digestive enzyme for our digestion of carbohydrates, as amylase breaks down starches into sugars.

Amylase secretes both our salivary glands and our pancreas. Measuring blood amylase levels sometimes used to diagnose various pancreas or other diseases of the digestive tract.


It an enzyme that breaks down sugar, lactose, which found in dairy products. Lactase supplementation can be used to help lactose-intolerant people digest dairy products.


It an enzyme accountable for the breakdown of the fats we consume. Specifically, lipase breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol (a simple alcohol sugar). Lipase produced in small amounts by your mouth and stomach and in bigger amounts by your pancreas within your body.


Maltase is unseen by the small intestine and is accountable for breaking down maltose (malt sugar).


Proteases are digestive enzymes that break down proteins into amino acids. Here the main types of proteases found in the human digestive tract:

  • Carboxypeptidase A
  • Carboxypeptidase B
  • Quimoterrisina
  • Pepsin
  • Trypsin


Sugar secreted by the small intestine, where sucrose breaks down into the most straightforward sugars of fructose and glucose.

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Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Many health conditions interfere with the secretion of sufficient amounts of digestive enzymes for the complete digestion of food. In this case, a person may benefit from taking a digestive enzyme supplement—one of the areas where digestive supplements are most helpful for chronic pancreatitis.

For these individuals, digestive enzyme supplements aid digestion and help relieve the pain associated with the disease.

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