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Mobile Clinic Write for us

Mobile Clinic Write for usMobile Clinic Write for us – For decades, mobile clinics have been a relatively untapped resource for global healthcare. In 2020 and beyond, the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the vital role of mobile health clinic programs. They provide ecaluative access to healthcare professionals, especially for underserved communities. They fill the gap as a safety net in what is often poor health infrastructure, reaching socially and economically marginalized populations in urban and rural areas.

Despite the unique value of this highly adaptable model of care, mobile clinics are often not supported by the entire healthcare community. The result is an overlooked opportunity to use mobile clinics during international emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile Clinics Adaptability

The adaptability of mobile clinics makes them ideal for responding to a public health crisis like the COVID pandemic. Some manufacturers have taken significant steps to ensure the health and safety of Mobile COVID Testing Unit patients and staff inside a mobile health clinic as it operates during this health crisis. A mobile clinic can be perceive as a fearful environment due to its limits. However, to address these concerns, progress has been made in developing various methods to protect the public and medical personnel while inside a mobile clinic, including:

Improve air Quality with any of the following:

UV-C light duct kits within the HVAC system automatically circulate air past hidden ultraviolet light that can reduce or prevent microorganisms from spreading within the ductwork of a confined space.

HEPA-UV-C Add-on-Wall units are self-contained and plug into the wall like any small appliance. The team traps airborne droplets through filters, including a high-intensity UV-C germicidal lamp that neutralizes and reduces airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses.

A Far-UVC recessed ceiling light that illuminates during or between patient visits. Far ultraviolet C light has the correct energy to break organic molecular bonds. As harmful germs and tiny organisms pass through far-UVC light, their molecular structure breaks down with genetic damage that prevents them from reproducing.

Provide social distancing by dividing the interior of the mobile clinic and establishing a six-foot outdoor space for apparent safety.

These security measures can easily retrofit an existing mobile health clinic built as a medical, dental or other mobile service. Also, they can be reworked to return to their original use. LifeLine Mobile can make these adjustments easier and cheaper than other companies.

New mobile clinics can be built specifically for COVID screening tests, examinations, and standard medical procedures. Once an immunization is discovered, these clinics may be prepared to be the first on the front line to administer vaccinations. These specially designed clinics, such as mobile dental, medical, mammography, or other specialized services, can be modified for future use.

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