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Alkaline diet write for usAlkaline diet write for us – The alkaline diet can support health by limiting processed foods and promoting whole foods. But it doesn’t help fight disease by affecting your body’s pH.

The foundation of the alkaline diet is that consuming more alkaline foods instead of acid-forming ones would benefit your health.

Even more, proponents of this diet assert that it can aid in the battle against deadly conditions like cancer.

The Alkaline Diet is also known as the Acid-Alkaline or Alkaline Ash Diet.

Their premise is that your diet can alter your body’s pH value, the measure of acidity or alkalinity.

Turning food into energy, known as metabolism, is frequently compared to fire. Both involve the disintegration of a solid substance through a chemical process.

However, the chemical reactions in your body occur in a slow and controlled manner.

When things burn, an ash residue is left behind. Similarly, your food leaves behind an “ash” residue called metabolic waste.

These metabolic byproducts may be acidic, neutral, or alkaline. This diet’s proponents argue that metabolic waste may directly alter how acidic your body is.

In other words, if you consume foods that produce acidic ash, your blood will become more acidic. Your blood becomes more alkaline when you consume meals that have alkaline ash.

The acid ash hypothesis contends that whereas alkaline ash is protective, acid ash makes you more susceptible to illness and disease.

You should be able to “alkalize” your body and enhance your health by making more alkaline dietary choices.

Protein, phosphate, and sulfur are among the nutrients that contribute to acid ash, whereas calcium, magnesium, and potassium are found in alkaline foods.

Acid-Forming Foods and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a progressing bone disease characterized by decreased bone mineral content.

It is ubiquitous among postmenopausal women and can dramatically increase the risk of fractures.

Many advocates of the alkaline diet contend that to buffer the acids in the acid-forming foods you consume to keep your blood pH stable, and your body must extract alkaline minerals like calcium from your bones. According to this theory, acid-forming diets, like the standard Western diet, will causes a loss of bone mineral density. This theory is known as the “acid ash hypothesis of osteoporosis.”

However, this theory ignores the function of the kidneys, which are critical in removing acids and regulating the body’s pH.

The kidneys produce bicarbonate ions that neutralize the acids in the blood, allowing your body to control the pH of the blood closely.

Your respiratory system is also involved in manage the pH of your blood. When bicarbonate ions from the kidneys bind with acids in the blood, they form carbon dioxide, which you exhale, and water, which you urinate.

The acid ash hypothesis also ignores one of the main drivers of osteoporosis: loss of the protein collagen from the bone.

Ironically, low levels of two acids, orthosilicic acid, ascorbic acid, and vitamin C, in your diet are closely associated with this loss of collagen.

There is conflicting scientific data connecting dietary acid to fracture risk or bone density. Others have discovered a significant connection, whereas several observational studies have found no correlation.

More reliable clinical research has determined that acid-forming diets do not affect your body’s calcium levels.

By improving calcium absorption and turning on the hormone IGF-1, which promotes muscle and bone repair, these diets increase bone health.

As such, a high-protein, acid-forming diet is likely linked to better bone health, not worse.

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The alkaline diet is relatively healthy, encourages high consumption of fruits, vegetables and healthy plant foods, and restricts processed junk food.

However, the notion that the diet improves health due to its alkalizing effects is suspect. Any reliable human studies have not proven these claims.

Some studies suggest positive effects in a tiny subset of the population. Specifically, a low-protein alkaline diet may benefit people with chronic kidney disease.

The alkaline diet is generally healthy because it is based on whole, unprocessed foods. No reliable evidence suggests that it has anything to do with pH levels.

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