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Health Blog Write For UsHealth Blog Write For Us – Living a healthier life may seem like a tall order – the nutrition, the exercise, the happiness within! But having some friendly advice at your disposal, when and where you need it, makes it easier and more fun. With just one click, these fantastic blogs full of tips, tricks, and personal stories will inspire you on your wellness journey.

Real Food Dietitians

This blog is for people who love their Instant Pot, slow cooker, and Whole30 plan. It has recipes for each one, plus tips for efficient meal preparation. Not only are there tons of recipes written by dietitians, but you can also opt for custom meal plans.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls offers a refreshing change of pace for those frustrated with the status quo and the ideals of who we “should” be. The founders, both certified fitness professionals, preach confidence and body positivity. They take a thoughtful approach to fitness rather than quick 10-day fat loss results. His roadmap to a healthier life combines nutrition-packed recipes, doable daily workouts, and a healthy dose of meditation.


Moms looking for that confident me, I’ve been their perspective and healthy ways to care for themselves and their families will find it at Mommypotamus. This blog remains packed with information for pregnant women and new moms, covering everything from ultrasound safety to birth plans. You’ll also find a ton of content on maternity, natural health, clean beauty, and more.

Peanut Butter Fingers

This blog will resonate with anyone looking for friend-to-friend advice from someone who has built a career around motivating people: blogger Julie is a personal trainer. She uses her motivational hat to write posts ranging from beauty routines she swears by to floor exercises that make you feel the burn. Be sure to check out the recipe index and training sources.

The Healthy Expert

Look no further for those who want a 360-degree approach to self-care, with tips to improve themselves in the workplace, home, gym, and on the go. The Healthy Maven offers recipes for every type of food under the sun (salads, sides, soups, and more), DIY tips (you’ll learn how to make your yoga mat spray), and quick workouts. If you like where this is going, there’s a companion podcast run by blogger Davida with guest wellness experts.

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