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Duane Syndrome Write for Us

Duane Syndrome Write for UsDuane Syndrome Write for Us – An uncommon kind of eye misalignment or strabismus is Duane syndrome, often called Duane’s syndrome or Duane’s regression syndrome. In contrast to other instances of strabismus, Duane’s syndrome restricts the movement of one or both eyes in specific directions by tangling the “wires” of the eye muscles. Duane syndrome comes in three varieties, although type 1 is the most prevalent and affects the eye’s ability to travel outward (away from the nose).

Duane’s syndrome typically only impacts one look but occasionally impacts both. However, experts are still unsure why the left eye is more susceptible to the condition than the right. To better understand Duane’s syndrome, it’s helpful to understand the eye’s basic anatomy.

Three nerves extending from the brain to the eye muscles called cranial nerves, control eye movements by sending electrical signals.

Cranial nerve VI regulates the lateral rectus muscle, which forces the eye outward. The medial rectus muscle, which draws the eye inward, and other muscles are under the control of the third cranial nerve.

What are the Symptoms of Duane Syndrome?

Although Duane’s syndrome is congenital (present at birth), it can take several years to become noticeable: very young children can’t articulate that they have vision problems. In contrast, older children may have learned to compensate for it dramatically. Suitable for their visual difficulties. In either case, the symptoms that children show can be pretty subtle. Most people with Down syndrome are diagnosed by the age of 10.

When symptoms are noticeable, they usually include:

  • Holding the head in an unnatural position, turning to the right or left
  • Crossing or misalignment of the eyes
  • Close one eye to see better

Older children may be able to describe problems they experience, such as:

  • double vision
  • neck pain
  • Headache
  • Trouble seeing objects on the afflicted eye’s side because other eye disorders can also cause these symptoms. Getting an evaluation from a qualified ophthalmologist as soon as possible is crucial.

How do we care for Duane Syndrome?

Boston Children’s Hospital is nationally known for treating the most complex cases of Down’s syndrome and related disorders. Our ophthalmic surgeons specialize in the delicate operations of the eye muscles required to treat the syndrome, including adjustable suture surgery and cephalic diversion surgery.

Our ophthalmologists are actively involved in the research shaping how eye disorders such as Duane’s syndrome are detected and treated around the world. And because we’re the primary teaching hospital at Harvard Medical School for pediatrics and pediatric ophthalmology, our doctors train the next generation of physicians and clinical scientists.

Our team treats each person with Duane’s syndrome with a patient-centered and family-centered approach, drawing on extensive multidisciplinary experience within the ophthalmology department and across the hospital.

Even though we are renowned for our scientific approach to medicine, we never lose sight of the fact that every patient is, above all else, a unique person. Your family will be included at every stage of the treatment process as our team of experts develops a plan specifically suited to your symptoms and problems.

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