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Nail Salon: Definition, Types, and What They Consist of?

Nail Salon: Definition, Types, and What They Consist of?: The Beauty of the hands is essential; we use our hands constantly to express ourselves in non-verbal language.

The hands are the means with which we express interest, admiration, closeness, and the only place on our hands that we can beautify are the nails. That is why it is essential to have them ready constantly, and for that, we have to know the types of manicures that exist and thus be able to decide on the one we like the most.

Regardless of the job we have, women always and at all times like to show off well-groomed hands and naturally well-groomed nails because beautiful nails are synonymous with Beauty and health.

Hence, manicures can sometimes bring continuous headaches for not knowing what type of manicure is the most appropriate to flaunt your nails continually.

So it is essential to know some types of manicures that exist, which ones are feasible to do by ourselves at home, and which ones require us to attend a beauty center for their preparation. Now, we explain different types of nails and multiple tricks to do them for yourself. So you can always wear perfect nails in all circumstances.

Basic Manicure

The basic manicure is the foundation of all manicures. This basic manicure helps us to start taking care of our nails, and starting from this base, we can develop the manicure finish that we like; the basic manicure consists of the following steps:

[1. We remove make-up from the nails]
[2.We cut and file]
[3.We treat the cuticle]
[4.We massage our hands]
[5. We make up the nails (enameled)]

You must take this last step if you already want to finish the manicure with simple and basic nail polish; if you’re going to give it more style, keep reading and discover the rest of the types of manicure.

Type of Manicure:

Permanent Manicure

can use this type of manicure or enameling in all tips

The manicure we will discuss below, change that the polish can last up to three weeks in perfect condition.

You also take to bear in mind that to remove the enamel, you must go to a specialized beauty salon to remove it; some beauty salons like ours include the enamel removal service.

The permanent manicure in our salons includes an exfoliation or peeling and, of course, permanent nail polish.

Semi-Permanent Manicure

This manicure is one of the most demanded in beauty centers. It has an intermediate duration between the traditional and permanent manicure, allowing you to change the color of your nails or the type of manicure to perform more often.

And we also have to consider that it has in its favor that it is less aggressive with the nails than the permanent manicure.

Even so, and like everything in life, it will depend on the products used in the beauty salon since there are even permanent manicures with high-quality products that take care of the nails.

Types of Manicure:

French Manicure

The French manicure is one of the best-known types of manicure, and it is undoubtedly one of the requested ones.

As its name advises, it originated in France at the beginning of the 20th century. This manicure brings an elegant and simple touch.

After cleaning, cutting, and filing the nails, the hands immerse in hot water. Then comes the enameling moment; for example, we can apply a neutral polish to the nails and paint them with thick white stripes on the tips.

Finally, a transparent layer applies that covers the whole upper part of the nail.

This is just an example we can combine as many colors as we want and change constantly. The combinations are endless!

Reverse French Manicure

Although it has the same name, it is somewhat less known, you have to like it, and you should also have longer nails so that you do not feel “small nails.”

The stripe of a different polish color that we put at the end of the nail for the traditional French manicure will now be on the bottom of the nail, the one in contact with the cuticle.

If you like it, it is an unconventional option, and it can be very cool!

American Manicure

American manicure is considered an alternative to the French manicure. In this type of manicure, a more natural appearance is sought in the final finish. Like this one, similar products are applied to those of the French manicure but looking for the chromatic contrast to be more subtle and smooth.

As you can see, the variation is insignificant, so that we could confuse both types of manicure.

Italian Manicure

It seems that this type of Nail Salon also inherits its essence in the French manicure, this manicure is precisely the same as the French one, but we change the strip that we make at the end of the nail again.

It consists in that this time we will not paint the strip from side to side, but we will stop in the middle of the nail, giving a more skewed and modern appearance to the nail; in this manicure, it is advisable to use striking colors for the strip in such a way that Note that made the bias to attract attention.

Russian Manicure

In this type of manicure, the difference is exclusively in the method of treating the nail cuticle.

In the Russian manicure, the cuticle treated with a lathe, we have to be very precise when we work with the lathe and not all professionals dare with this method, in terms of quality, it is practically invaluable versus the traditional method of removing and treating the cuticle.

We cannot say that it is exclusively a Russian manicure but we will say that the trend in Russia is to wear long, square and ornate nails.

Brazilian Manicure

With this manicure, we will try to make the nail last as long as possible painted and that the growth of the same is not noticeable, which is difficult because the nail grows. Still, we can achieve it by removing the cuticle entirely and enameling it until it comes into contact with the skin; that is, we will enamel trying to introduce the enamel as far as possible. We will have to remove the excess enamel that is in contact with the skin.

But keep in mind that the cuticle protects from external aggressions, and when eliminating it, we can have an infection.

Decorated Manicures

Decorated Nail Salon are a fantasy on the nails with colors, shapes, ornaments, animal prints, flowers, nail earrings, hair on the nails, everything you can think of. Here the only restriction is imagination and space, and nails measure what they measure! If you like, there are templates and markers to make these decorations.

Types of Manicure: According to Beauty Care

Paraffin Manicure

A paraffin manicure is also known as a full manicure. But this is just a reasonably widespread trade name.

What is involved is that before enameling, a treatment is carried out in which the hands are dipped in paraffin until a homogeneous layer is form.

Then they are covered with a plastic bag and mittens, and the paraffin is left to act for 10-15 minutes to remove later.

Paraffin is an excellent moisturizer, softens the skin providing an extra soft effect, relieves muscle and joint pain.

In the world of Beauty, it is here to stay!

Hot Stone Manicure

It is a hand care technique that is indicate for relaxation and of the same.

Hot stones are placed on the hands to transmit the heat from the outside to the inside. We manage to relax all the muscles of the hand and its tendons, and then the hands are massage to help drain and promote circulation.

Manicure Spa

It is one of the complete manicures and usually includes several treatments for the hands and nails.

The most common treatments are massage, exfoliation, nutrition, hydration, and the glaze of your choice.

Being the most complete, it is very calm and being touch by your hands relaxes a lot! Try it once in your life (at least)!

Types of Manicure: According to The Types of False Nails

Gel Nail Manicure

Gel nails last for a long time, and they can even last a month. In addition, the result is the most natural of touch false nail techniques.

The gel deposited on the cold nail, which adheres perfectly to the nail, and finally, a thin layer remains that has to harden with ultraviolet light.

The good thing is this method is that when the nail grows, the anterior part can be fill in and thus only give us a touch-up to make it look good. Then we can glaze them with any of the glazing techniques that we have mentioned above.

Acrylic Nail Manicure

These nails are made by mixing acrylic powders with a binder liquid that adheres to the nail and shapes it.

We can make our nails become long nails instantly. The products that are use are very technical and you have to have knowledge and skills to make them perfect.

Ceramic or Porcelain Manicure

In a ceramic manicure, a layer of ceramic creates above the nail. The good thing is that you can provide it the shape and color you want.

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