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Broken Makeup: How to Fix It Quickly and Easily

Broken Makeup

Broken Makeup: How to Fix It Quickly and Easily: We have found ourselves with broken makeup every once in a while, especially in blushes, compact powders, and eye shadows. Have you ever dropped it? Or was it hit inside your bag? It happens often, so we will share some tips and the best techniques to fix powder makeup.

Getting back that eyeshadow you like so much as new or the blush that looks so good on you about to release is not as difficult as people may suppose. We will explain the technique that works best that varies depending on the makeup that has gone bad. But before we start, remember that in our Lola Aranda beauty centers, we have a great team of professionals specializing in wedding makeup and special events.

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How to Fix Broken Compact Powders

We are going to need:

  • Cling film
  • Alcohol
  • Sharp object, orange stick
  • Kitchen paper
  • Cotton bud or an eye brush
  • Spoon or spatula

 Technique to Fix Any Broken Makeup

The technique gives an outstanding result and is the same as that used to fix any broken makeup in powder format:

  • We put the plastic wrap on the compact, and with a sharp object, we crush the entire surface so that small pieces and even dust remain.
  • If we want to transfer it to its final packaging, this is where we share the product.
  • We apply a few drops on the compact surface, and the intention is that it is lumpy, that is, that it forms a paste similar to clay.
  • Smooth the mixture with a spoon, spatula, or the same orange stick as if we were kneading the dough.
  • Press with absorbent paper on the surface to remove traces of alcohol and finish smoothing.
  • Let dry, and we have our broken compact powders ready and like new.

A great technique with impeccable results, and it has been done most efficiently.

How to Fix a Broken Blush Easily

We are going to need:

  • Alcohol
  • Spatula or spoon
  • Plastic wrap and kitchen paper
  • Orange stick

The steps we take will fix our broken makeup, in this case, a blush:

  • On a kitchen paper, we put our container with fractured material and plastic wrap.
  • With the front part of a spoon or an orange stick, we crush the surface until obtaining tiny pieces of rouge.
  • We apply alcohol to obtain a paste and smooth with a spatula or spoon to smooth the surface.
  • We let it dry, and we have our blush fixed.

How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow

We are going to need:

  • Mocha spoon
  • Orange stick or spatula
  • Plastic wrap and kitchen paper
  • Alcohol

This technique will take a few minutes, but you must let the product dry for a successful result:

  • We chop the eyeshadow a little more on the kitchen paper and a piece of plastic wrap with the orange stick or spatula, crush, until leaving tiny pieces.
  • We apply alcohol until leaving a thick mixture very similar to clay.
  • Smooth the surface with the mocha spoon or spatula.
  • We press well
  • We let dry

Some colors may vary with the application of alcohol compared to the original, especially those with very bright pigments, but it is barely noticeable. In this way, we can continue to use that eyeshadow that we like without the annoying lumpy inconveniences; we can use this trick as many times as possible because the product finally finished.