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3 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is a common phenomenon among humans. Every other time, there will be something you need that you do not have, one that your mind is really struggling to work out. These are called stressors.

Stressors vary in intensity and sources. One person’s stressor could be having not paid the International Health Insurance policy, while the other person’s stressor could be what to eat.

The higher your social class is, based on Maslaws’s hierarchy of needs, the more elaborate and complicated your stressors are.

Below are tips that work in minimizing stress:

Be a Member of a Social Group

Many a time, we want to feel independent. We feel the need to be self-sufficient. However, this is near impossible. Everyone needs to know that it is okay to have someone listen to them.

Get a friend or a family member to listen to your concerns or to help you out with tasking activities. This ranges from something as easy as getting groceries or mowing the lawn to more complex things such as helping you with financial constraints.

The relief from such burdens, be it physical or mental, helps reduce stress.

Having genuine, meaningful friendships increases our resilience and our ability to sail through stressful or difficult situations. Lack of this genuine social support is detrimental.

Know your social circle. This could be members of the local church, a sports team you are a member of, a welfare association etc. In case you are that loner, try and find a friend that you’ve lost touch with and reach out to them.

Try workout

Most of our time is spent at work. Hardly do people take time away from work to rest. However, a break is very necessary. Apparently, most of our stressors are in our work environment. Walk from it.

If you own a car, I am sure you take it for regular service. Learn from that. Your body is an equivalent of that car in the analogy. It is serviced by taking sufficient rest.

While at it, engage in leisure activities of your choice to alleviate your body from the stress and strains of work.

You could engage in some leisure activities such as swimming, mountain hikes, games and sports, or listening to music.

These workout activities are powerful stress relievers. Those who take part in the activities are known to have low-stress levels and less boredom.

Workout during leisure time is very therapeutic and restorative to both the body and the mind.

Don’t bottle it up

According to Science, stress is best alleviated with the expression of emotions. Allow yourself to let it out by choosing your most appropriate way of doing it.

Most preferably, open up to a friend, mentor, or to your social circle. Some people, however, are not good at sharing their matters of the heart. Those have options like writing a personal journal, pillow talking, talking to their pet, or yelling it out. In any case, get it out. Do not bottle it inside.

Where possible, talk to a professional in a formal setting. This will give you reassurance and a perspective.

Wishing you well as you work hard to rid yourself of stress.


Author Bio

Ashley Stephan is a health fanatic and a digital nomad. When she is not busy exploring the next best travel destination or trying a new workout, she runs the blog at where she writes about various health and travel-related topics. Hobbies: swimming, gardening, and binge-watching popular TV shows.


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