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Life as an expat is not always about getting fat paychecks, building new relationships, or experiencing the joy of traveling around the globe. Living in a foreign country comes with a lot of stress, especially in the first few months after moving. Difficulty in integration due to change in environment, isolation, culture shock, language comprehension, and complex administrative processes are a few things that can stress out an expat.

Stress, if left unchecked, can result in chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, insomnia, expat depression, and reduced productivity at work. It is, therefore, important for expatriates to have expat medical insurance to help in times of stress. Knowing that you are covered by comprehensive health insurance can make your stay more stress-free. How can you reduce stress as an expat and enjoy life in your new country? Follow these tips!


  • Reconnect With Family and Make New Friends

Most times, it may be impossible for an expat to live in a new country and not feel stressed. During those periods when you are down, talk to people who love and can help you. If your family members are with you, you can also discuss your anxieties with them. Since you may be new and have no friends, try and socialize. You can do this by joining communities that have similar interests as you. This will assist you in understanding the new language, and you can also ask them for help. Always remember that bottling up stress will not make the pressure go away. Deal with them by talking to people around you. Having a good support system can go a long way in helping you reduce stress.

  • Do Things You Like

An excellent way to cope with stress is to keep up with your hobbies. It is not uncommon for expats to let go of the leisure activities they are used to in their home countries. You can cook your favorite local dish. Apart from the fact that the food will help relieve stress, it will also remind you of home. If there is a local restaurant that serves your country’s dish, eat there, as you can meet other expats. Explore your new town to get familiar with the landscape. Take a walk across town to get a new favorite spot.

  • Exercise and Meditate

Find time for yourself to relax. There might be occasions when you might feel like going back home due to the high-stress level. In such situations, be positive and reflect on the advantages of being an expatriate. Exercises can serve as alternative outlets for stress as it takes your mind off work, thereby helping relieve stress: practice relaxation techniques and meditation. You can also read books and listen to music to relieve the pent-up stress. This will help clear your mind off the tension.


Being an expat has its cons, and stress is one of them. No matter the level of stress you are passing through as an expat, give yourself adequate time to adjust to your new country. Understand that it may take time to settle in. Do not give yourself unrealistic deadlines and try as much as possible to achieve your goals one step at a time, ticking off the stress as you go.

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Ashley Stephan is a health fanatic and a digital nomad. When she is not busy exploring the next best travel destination or trying a new workout, she runs the blog at where she writes about various health and travel-related topics. Hobbies: swimming, gardening, and binge-watching popular TV shows.


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