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Glossing Treatment: What is Gloss For Hair

Glossing Treatment: What is Gloss For Hair: All the processes that we carry out with our hair daily make, in most cases, the hair look lacking in shine and strength. There also treatments considered to improve the general appearance of the hair, leaving aside the most aggressive products, such as ammonia dyes.
To make your hair shine again and make it look beautiful and healthy, you can undergo a coloring glossing treatment, which nuances and hydrates the hair simultaneously. But what is hair gloss?

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Glossing Treatment

The glossing treatment designed to add shine, maintaining the hair’s color through a natural and ammonia-free formula. The therapy works thanks to vegetable oils that repair damaged hair and provide a unique glow.

It used to refresh the color of dyed hair, hide gray hair, enhance shine, and repair damage caused by other more aggressive products. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who change their hair color frequently, who will have more damaged and dull hair.

The glossing treatment is straightforward to apply and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Once the hair prepared, the shine treatment applied to the entire hair surface. The product  left to act for about 20 minutes. The hair then washed and dried to remove moisture, achieving that dazzling shine effect.

What is Hair Gloss

The gloss hair is varnish, creating a bright and brilliant film that gives all hair a unique look. In addition, this layer is resistant to air and humidity and other elements such as heat from dryers or hair straighteners.

There is a type of transparent gloss and another with color pigments, so you will find a perfect solution if what you want is only shine, or if, in addition, you want to enhance the color of your hair.

The so-called “gloss effect” disappears with time and with washes naturally, having a maximum duration of between four and eight weeks depending on the hair type and how it cared for.

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