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What is Carbon Health San Francisco

carbon health san francisco

Carbon Health San Francisco is a technology-enabled healthcare company that provides a virtual care experience. It offers chief care services through a mobile application that enables users to follow up on a treatment plan, manage instructions, and see lab reports all through one app. In addition, carbon Health has formed a coronavirus assessment tool and set up covid-19 testing in California.

About Carbon Health’s COVID-19 Travel Clearance Testing

Carbon Health San Francisco provides COVID-19 tests for travel allowance. Schedule your test today.

How To Prepare Yourself For Your Upcoming Flight

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carbon Health San Franciscoh travel allowance tests are presently configured to meet the state desires of Alaska and Hawaii. We cannot ensure our tests and result formats meet th3 criteria of international travel requirements.

1. Book an appointment

plan to be tested 72 hours before your flight. Carbon Health can test kids as young as three months. Travel allowance appointments are open seven days a week.

2. Get in & get tested

As part of the test consumption process, have your flight journey ready to present to a Carbon Health San Francisco provider. You’ll then collect a COVID-19 test. Results are prepared around 3 hours same day OR by 2 pm the next day. Turnaround times and kinds of tests available vary by location.

3. Get Your Results & You’re Off

Your test results will be accessible via the Carbon Health desktop or mobile site. You will get a text message when your results are ready to access, and you can log into your Carbon Health account to collect a downloadable PDF of the test result.

What to Assume at a Carbon Health COVID-19 Travel Clearance Testing Site

  • Our clinics(health centers) may not appear like your regular doctors’ office, but they function like one. In addition, we offer COVID-19 travel clearance exams for adults and children over three months old at this location.
  • During your visit, you’ll given a COVID-19 test from a Carbon Health provider. This test will regulate if you presently infected with COVID-19.
  • Your COVID-19 test consequences will be ready within 3 hours same day OR before 2 pm the next day in your Carbon Health account on the Carbon Health desktop or mobile site. Turnaround times and kinds of tests available vary by location. Carbon Health will not share any outcomes from your visit directly with your travel carrier.

Important Flag Presently, Carbon Health can meet specific guidelines and provide the required forms for travel to Hawaii and Alaska. We also assure a test result turnaround time of 3 hours the same day OR by 2 pm the next day. Turnaround times and kinds of tests available vary by location. We do not provide any clinical sign-off or wet signature for other travel firms. It is up to individual patients to ensure our testing consequences and turnaround times are valid for international travel approval and that any paperwork is handled individually.