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What is a Personal Trainer?: A Very Complete Profession

What is a Personal Trainer?: a complete profession : When we talk about what a personal trainer is, the first thing that comes to mind is creating personalized workouts. Although this is one of the main tasks that a personal trainer will deal with, they will handle many other issues in their day-to-day lives.

  • Evaluate the physical condition of the clients. Knowing in-depth what the physical condition of the clients is is essential so that the personal trainer can be in charge of offering the most adapted Training.
  • Tracking the progress of clients. It will be essential to monitor progress closely to avoid injury or poor exercise management.
  • Establishment of adequate diets for the sporting objectives set.

In this way, if someone asks what a trainer is, we must stick to the three pillars discussed: Training, monitoring, and diet. And it is that food and sport must go hand in hand to promote the best results.

Personal Training

Personal Training, a Profession Endorsed by Experts

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) supports personal trainers as one of the ten best physical activity services. And it is that being a personal trainer trains you professionally to perform tasks focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The knowledge you will acquire with a specialized course such as Campus will allow you to know the different techniques to adapt your Training to each person’s specific needs.

Concept Differences

Personal Training or Trainer ?: Concept Differences

Today there are different terminologies to refer to the same thing. We usually have the international version, and the one adapted to the language spoken in your country. But despite this, there are still terms so similar that they are sometimes misused.

Personal Training is the discipline and Personal Trainer the person who puts it into practice

If you thought that personal Training and personal trainer were synonymous, you were not at all right. Explained straightforwardly, we can say that Personal Training is the discipline exercised by a Personal Trainer.

And if we continue with the similarity between international and Spanish terminology, Personal Trainer is a synonym for a trainer.

In short: what is a personal trainer? A person in charge of directing the personalized workouts of their clients and offering specific advice focused on sports and nutrition.

Personal Trainer, a highly Demanded Profession

If you want to become a successful specialized in the sports and nutritional world. Training to be a personal trainer is an excellent bet for the future.

And the statistics speak for themselves. It is a profession that has not stopped growing since its origins in the 50s. Celebrities first and then a wider public, both aware that the help of a professional would facilitate the path to achieving a satisfactory physical condition (and on enviable occasions).

But what is a trainer in the workplace? As we mentioned, it is an increasingly accepted and demanded profession. The number of people who decide on personalized Training instead of attending generalized classes without direct attention from the monitor is increasing.

Personal Trainer as Work

The discipline of Personal Training finds its reason for being in different workspaces. Here are some of the most excellent familiar places where you can work as a personal trainer:

  • Gyms: in this type of sports center, the figure of personal trainers has long been available to attend to the demands of clients seeking a personalized service, which usually has a higher cost precisely because it provides individualized attention.
  • Free-lance work: as a personal trainer, you can offer your trainer services on your own, serving your clients in private spaces.

 What is a Personal Health Trainer?

We cannot forget about the essential role that a trainer plays in people’s health. If you train to become this professional, you will have the necessary knowledge to prepare Training that respects clients’ health status. In other words, they do not put at risk pathologies that may present or possible physical injuries.

In addition, being a trainer will allow you to help people improve their health. Sport is the best elixir that exists to achieve optimal health.

So How Much Does a Trainer Charge?

Now that we have updated you on the current state of the sports sector, we will talk about how much a trainer charges. A question for which you will be interested in knowing the answer before launching to train with a private trainer course.

Before offering you figures, we must first point out that the salary depends on the experience and client profile with which you work.

Understandably, you will not earn the same by being the personal trainer of a famous person (singers, television celebrities, politicians, athletes) as that of an ordinary person who seeks to feel good physically.

In addition, as it is a free market, there are no pre-established prices when hiring the service of a physical trainer. However, the average rate can start at 12 euros per session and go up to 40 euros.

Another determining factor in how much a trainer charge is a workplace: as an employed personal trainer in a gym or wellness center, you may have to adapt to the rates established in that center. But if you grind for somebody else, you can freely set the rates that seem most appropriate to you.

Essential Aspects of The Freelance Personal Trainer Salary

If you decide to start your own business, there are several things that you should take into account when setting a rate.

First of all, account in your business plan with the costs for renting spaces or rooms. Although you can work outdoors, the weather conditions will not always accompany you, so you should consider this.

At other times you can work at the client’s home, so you must include travel costs and, possibly, material.

Finally, you must take into account the equipment costs and the freelance fee.

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