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9 Tricks to Create Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer

Phone battery – Are you tired of recharge your cell phone daily? Have you forgotten the charger, or do you know that you will not have electricity for a while?

Here we propose a series of changes that you can make in your phone settings to save energy and ensure that your device does not die so quickly.

Poor battery life remains an unresolved issue in the telephony industry, which continues to search for the magic formula not to charge our intelligent plans every day.

While look for solutions, here are 9 tricks to get the most out of your cell phone battery.

1. Minimize Notifications

Do you have to know every time someone likes you or comments on something that involves you on Facebook? If you do not consider it urgent to receive certain notifications from applications, you can turn off the notifications and go to the 20Bet site.

Think that notifications can light up the screen when it is locked. And if you have notifications with sound, you will save even more battery if you deactivate them.

To do this, go to Settings or Configuration> Notifications> and then adjust your preference for each application.

2. Change the Screen Brightness

The screen brightness has a significant impact on the battery consumption of your cell phone. Decrease it manually and keep it as low as is comfortable for you.

Go to Settings or Settings> Display and brightness.

You can also turn off the “automatic brightness” option, as it usually optimizes at a reasonably high level.

3. Turn off the Vibration

This is another battery-intensive feature. If you don’t require it, turn off the vibration with calls, message notifications, or every time you touch the screen.

4. Reduce the Time Until Screen Lock

The use of the home screen consumes a great deal of battery life.

The sooner the screen goes dark again after use, the more energy you will save. That’s why it’s a good idea to decrease its time to lock the screen automatically.

For that, go to Settings> automatic lock > select how long or Settings> Display> Turn off > select how long.

It will also save you energy to do without animated wallpapers.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connections

Both Bluetooth and Wifi connections consume a lot of battery. If you are not actively using them, make sure you turn them off. There is no reason to go around with the Wi-Fi connection turned on.

The new Android and iPhone models can turn both relations on and off from the home screen without going into the settings menu.

6. Disable permanent GPS location

This is another of the functions that consume the most battery. You can control it and preset it when you want to activate it in the different application settings.

To do this, leave to Settings> Privacy> Location. You resolve to discover a list of all your applications and the option to alter your usage preferences from ” never ” to ” always ” or ” on use. ”

7. Don’t let Applications you don’t require run “in the Background.”

If activated, the “background activation” function allows applications to update their contents in the backdrop when the cell phone connects to a Wi-Fi network or cell phone data.

To save energy, you can deactivate it entirely or only for applications you do not need. Facebook is one of the typical apps that use this function.

To make a change go to Settings> General> Background update.

In the settings of each request, you can also determine that the app is only updated when you open it for the first time.

Also, to save battery, you can close the applications when you stop using them.

8. Monitor how you Spend the Battery

With both Android and iPhone devices, you can monitor what percentage of the battery is consumed by the applications you use, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Skype.

This way, you will be acquainted with which ones use more energy, and it compensates you to have them open or closed.

On iPhone, follow this menu: Settings> General> Use> Battery use .

You can check it for the last 24 hours and the last 7 days.

On Android, go to Settings> Battery management> Battery use.

9. If you have an Android, Activate the Power-Saving Mode

Android models come ready with different presets to save power.

You can activate them to enlarge the life of your tool whenever it suits you.

To achieve this, go to Settings> Battery management. In some cell phone models, you can decide on up to 3 different saving modes, which by default combine several of the previous tricks in this article.

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