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The Five Best Non-Alcoholic Beers To Try In The UK


The non-alcoholic Beers drinks industry has risen at a phenomenal rate over the last few years in the UK, with beer shops and supermarket shelves welcoming more 0% options than ever before.

It comes at an interesting time, with more people looking to give up the hard stuff for their health, while people seeking help with addiction is at an all time high, with more deaths because of the substance than ever before, and more people seeking out rehab treatment.

Alcoholism is one of the biggest health problems in the UK, but more people are starting to consider their health seriously, and turning to non-alcoholic beers to get their fix of beer.

But what are the best non-alcoholic beers currently available in the UK?

Brulo Dry Hopped Stout

There are a growing number of good 0% stouts on the market at present. Guinness themselves have produced a great can. But we’re going with Brulo, who are excelling in non-alcholic beers at present.

The Edinburgh brand has produced a stout with some big bitter flavours accompanied by a chocolate sweetness too.

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale

You’ll find Big Drop’s Pine Trail in plenty of supermarkets these days, and it’s a solid choice for those looking for a light beer without the alcohol. It’s got big hoppy flavours and is an incredibly refreshing drop to drink.

Beavertown Lazer Crush

Beavertown has recently been bought out by Heineken and that’s only going to see their beers become even more accessible. Love it or hate it, it’s made Neck Oil a pub staple, but it’s also made their alcohol free Lazer Crush more accessible too.

It’s a pink grapefruit and passionfruit flavoured IPA and is almost soda-like. It isn’t for everyone, but perfect for anyone who does enjoy a fruity beer.

Bristol Beer Factory Clearhead

Clearhead is a fantastic tasting IPA-style beer that has citrusy flavours and comes in a half-litre can too. What’s great about this beer is that it gives back too, with 5% of profits going to the mental health charity Talk Club.

It’s become a real hit over the last 12 months and is certainly worth a try, not least for the charity aspect.

Adnams Ghost Ship

For the real-ale lovers who want something alcohol free. Adnams Ghost Ship has a fantastic malty flavour with notes of citrus. It tastes incredibly similar to the brewery’s pale ale and is certainly the best out there for a classic real ale.