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The Importance of Strength Training

strength training

The Importance of Strength Training : If we had to highlight among all the essential physical qualities (strength, endurance, flexibility, speed). Which of them is the most important, without a doubt, it would be strength. Since it is the physical quality from which we can improve all the others (if our muscles are stronger they will be faster or more resistant, to name two examples).

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say that strength training is essential if we enjoy good health in general.

Among the many benefits that strength training brings us the help to maintain a correct posture (since if we had weak muscle, for example, it would cost us more to maintain an upright posture when we were walking down the street or when sitting in a chair), helps to improve and enhance the cardiovascular system, helps us prevent injuries (having more substantial muscles, if we fall or receive an impact, there will be a lower risk of the bones receiving said impact), helps stabilization Of bones (This is an example that we can see in the shoulder joint). It is an excellent way to fight against certain diseases or health problems such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s.


The first question that may assail us is where to start our strength training, what type of exercises to choose, how many series, how many repetitions, what routine to follow; however, there is a point that we must point out as a priority when we talk about training with weights, and our health is ahead of everything.

  • If any exercise hurts us. We must stop immediately to avoid severe injuries and consult with a professional (we can initially ask the gym staff or go to our family doctor or orthopedic surgeon to perform the pertinent examination and rule out any harmful problem).
  • Never copy anyone’s routine: Each person is different, and some people have joint limitations and should not perform specific exercises. Therefore, ask the gym staff or go to a qualified personal trainer to configure an exercise table according to your needs and the possible problems.
  • Do not forget the basic exercises: Squats, deadlifts, military press, barbell row, and bench press the so-called “basic”. Multi-joint exercises that will recruit a large number of muscles and that except for injury or pathology that prevents you from performing them, They should not be missing from your routine (and they should be the first exercises you will do).
  • Contrary to what many people may say, strength training will not cause injuries (obviously, like all physical exercise has its risk of injury), but on the contrary, it will help you prevent more problems than you do. Cause Movement is health.


importance for adults

Currently, we live in a society where overweight and obesity rates do not stop growing (with all the health and economic problems that this entails both for those who suffer from said overweight or obesity and for society), so the practice of activity Physics seems essential to curb these rates (and therefore to improve the quality of life of the world’s population).

As we have pointed out previously, strength training is an excellent aid to fight against health problems such as diabetes (prevalent among the population that suffers from overweight or obesity). It allows us to protect our musculoskeletal system from the effects that excess weight brings on our joints.

In addition, if we usually speak of adolescence as a time of “growth,” we could define our adult stage as “preparation” for what to come in the future, the third age. So the better our “preparation” is. , fewer negative consequences and fewer health problems we will have tomorrow.


importance for elderly

One of the causes that generate greater dependency among the elderly population is the lack of muscle tone. Indeed we have all had an older relative who we have seen how difficult it was to get up from a chair or sofa, and this is mainly due to the lack of strength in his musculoskeletal system. So if during our adult stage we go ” preparing “through physical exercise and good training of our power. Without a doubt we will minimize the chances of suffering any of the following problems:

  • Osteoporosis: The decrease in bone mass (exercised bones will become denser and more muscular, although, our diet will also play a fundamental role).
  • Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of our joints, characterized mainly by the loss of articular cartilage.
  • Sarcopenia: It is neither more nor less than the loss of muscle mass that occurs as we age. So it is evident that regular physical activity will significantly reduce this problem.
  • Dinapenia usually goes hand in hand with sarcopenia since it refers to the loss of strength and physical performance.

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Suppose we have previously mentioned the basic exercises (squats, deadlifts, military press, barbell row and bench press). As the basis of strength training. In that case, unless there is some type of injury or limitation that prevents us from performing them. We must replace them with Another type of exercise. We must not neglect accessory work if we want to improve our strength or muscle tone.

In general, we can define accessory work as exercises focused on working mainly on a single muscle group. Such as bicep curls, triceps extensions, machine leg extensions, etc … This type of exercise will complement the work that we do in the multi-joint movements. They will help us to gain strength progressively.

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