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Sleeping with a Silk Pillow Can Give you Good Skin and Shiny Hair?

Sleeping with a Silk Pillow Can Give you Good Skin and Shiny Hair?: My friends say that I do not stop creating needs for them because here goes another: sleeping with a silk pillow (when you try its benefits, you will understand). It seems like an unimportant detail; however, since they gave me a silk cover, I don’t want to sleep with any other since I wake up with my hair without tangles and frizz, and it breaks much less. And that’s not all; there are also benefits for the skin!

Silk or satin pillowcases are a luxury that will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a 5-star hotel every day! In fact, between the 1950s and 1970s, these covers were a beauty staple for women in America. And it is that without irons and tweezers to have hair in two minutes, the only solution was to have a pillow that would maintain the hairstyle.

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Luxury is a Silk Pillow

Sleeping with Silk pillow cases made from silk thread made from protein obtained from silkworms. Its touch is ultra-soft, which reduces the friction of your skin and your hair against the fiber while you are sleeping. Silk is a natural thermal insulator; that is, in summer, your pillow will be relaxed and warmer in winter. ” The silk covers are all-weather, warm in winter and cool in summer; they have temperature regulation properties,” explained Kaizen, a brand of Mulberry silk covers treated to eliminate 99.7% of bacteria from your pillow. In addition, they have hypoallergenic properties and do not involve synthetic materials.

or a Satin Pillow

On the other hand, satin covers are also a luxurious option. The Need firm creates its satin covers in 100% long-staple cotton with a 500-thread count. ” When we talk about the number of threads (300 calicoes, 500 satins), we mean the number of threads woven together in one square inch of fabric (2.54 cm of cloth). As the number of lines increases, the material becomes softer, denser, and hotter, “they explain from The Need.

“The structure of satin consists of one thread below and three above. A more exposed thread surface makes the satin silky smooth and has such a characteristic luminosity. The satin woven was tighter and heavier than calico, which makes it warmer, softer, and more enveloping, ” added Lucía González and Celia Arroyo, founders of The Need.

Benefits of Silk or Satin Covers For the Skin

When you start using a silk or satin cover for your pillow, you will immediately notice it on your hair and skin. The first thing you will see on your face is that you get up without marks from the pillow (hey!), But be careful, there is still more:

  • reduction of sleep wrinkles.
  • Removal of skin redness.
  • It is the level of hydration that keeps your skin.
  • Silk covers have an anti-aging effect” since it contains proteins and amino acids that accelerate the metabolism of cells and help them combat the effects of age. In addition, silk contains enzymes that prevent the appearance of minor imperfections. It is a hypoallergenic material, with a calming effect, ideal for sensitive or atopic skin, “detailed from Kaizen.
  • in the case of the Kaizen cover, “it absorbs 30% less of the creams and products we use at nightso that not as much dirt generated and this does not cause possible breakouts of acne and the clogging of the pores .”
  • Satin covers also absorb less than cotton covers, as Mercedes Marcos explains: ” As a general rule, night treatments tend to be more unctuous, so they take a little longer to penetrate, and we also apply them before going to bed. Traditional cotton sheets can absorb up to 7% of the used products. At the same time, satin, being an anti-absorbent fabric, will allow almost all of the treatment to penetrate the skin or hair, which will favor the hydration of both zones “.

Benefits of Silk or Satin Hair Covers

You will notice it from the first night. If you have straight hair, you comb your hair before going to sleep, and you will wake up without tangles and frizz. Curly-haired girls are super fans of silk and satin pillows because they keep the curl intact without crushing it or absorbing moisturizing treatments. Also, since there is no friction, the hair does not break so much.

  • Hair does not breakdue to friction.
  • Hair loss reduced.
  • It does not absorb moisture avoiding frizz. ” Satin is such a smooth fabric that it reduces friction by up to 40% compared to classic cotton covers. Thus, it reduces tangles, frizz, and grease, since conflict is also one of the causes of sebum production on the scalp, “explains Mercedes Marcosabout The Need satin covers.
  • Hair is more hydrated: “Kaizen’s Mulberry silk has moisturizing, repairing and protective properties for the hair due to the presence of 18 types of amino acids capable of smoothing the cuticle, revitalizing the hair and enhancing its shine “.

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