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6 Makeup Tips for Men You Need to Know

6 Makeup Tips for Men You Need to Know: Naturally, every time we talk about Makeup, we refer to the feminine, but there is also Makeup for men Who said it was not possible? Many people of this genre claim their right to improve their appearance with tricks that cosmetics uniquely put within our reach. Did it in a standard way for television media? Why not hide your dark circles in plus las? Many brands of large cosmetic firms are gradually introducing their cosmetics for men’s care. We can find Jean-Paul Gautier, Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, and other female makeup brands investigating this field as Elisabeth Arden or Shiseido.

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A Different Makeup for Men?

Indeed, it is different because it focuses more on facial care and improving its appearance to improve features and erase imperfections. Men’s cosmetics are not a novelty; skincare products are part of the routine: cleansing gels, hydration creams, anti-wrinkle creams, or creams for the eye contour.

Actors and TV presenters will know it well; after this routine comes the makeup session for men, foundations, and contouring. The healthy and pleasant looks are what is most in demand on the “wedding day.”

1.- Facial Cleansing and Moisturizing Cream.

They must be part of your everyday routine, the ones that work the most are after shaving when the skin is a little more sensitive. Men have more collagen than we do, and therefore their skin can withstand more robust products, toners, and lotions after shaving are proof.

2.- Corrector for Dark Circles and Pimples

The stick is the most comfortable, a post that you can apply to the dark circles or on that uncomfortable pimple and then spread with the fingertip. There are also several powders or mouse options; choose the one you are most comfortable with.

3.- Base Makeup

We also have several types of Makeup for men: cream, powder, and mouse. Remember that it has to be the closest to your skin tone so that the contrast is not evident. We will use it on dark circles, forehead, nose, and chin if it not covered with a beard. To unify the skin tone and not to notice the concealer.

4.- Bronzing Powders

It is customary to use bronzing powders in summer instead of Makeup for men; you can use them naturally by applying them with a brush all over ​​your face. Be careful with excess or apply too much with the meeting, or irregular areas will remain.

5.- Lip Balm

The lip balm must fulfill two functions: hydrate your lips and hide them in dry seasons. Choose a neutral color so you can dress it all day and year-round. A smooth appearance of lips that will also prevent chapping.

6.- Cleaning After Makeup

After a long day, it’s time to remove your Makeup. We recommend that you do it before going to bed. It is not suitable for skin that clogged for so many hours. Reuse the cleansing gel to remove all Makeup.

We recommend that you get rid of weird ideas from your head; men have been applying Makeup since ancient Egypt, where they competed for the most prominent eye marking indistinctly with women. In the 18th century, they made up as much or more Makeup than women. And we are not talking about other cultures like the Japanese, where it was common to see white faces and very pink cheekbones with eyes marked in black.

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