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Maelys B Tight Reviews Before And After

Maelys B Tight Review

One of the most common products from B Tight Reviews Cosmetics is their B-Flat Belly Firming Cream. The brand claims that this product can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and recover skin quality. This cream has many research-backed ingredients.

Hydrogenated polyisobutene has been shown in clinical trials published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science to improve the skin’s water content and reduce water loss by 33%. Hydrogenated polyisobutene is also non-toxic and poses no safety issues.

Sodium hyaluronate is one of the most effective and studied ingredients for skin care. As we recorded in our review of bio-oil products, sodium hyaluronate is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Shea Butter provides skin barrier repair and other hydration benefits, as documented in medical research. A related study found that this plant extract also has anti-inflammatory effects. Shea butter is not only effective but also smells delicious. Bentonite is a type of clay that was found in a 2017 medical journal to have healing effects on the skin that can reduce visible scars and blemishes. This supports the brand’s claim for smoother skin using B-Flat.

Cocoa butter appears to be an effective alternative, and research studies have found that it can reduce skin damage when exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

There are also many supplements in this system that have questionable health effects. Yellow 6, Yellow 5, and Red 33 are artificial colours, and medical research published in the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Ecofriendly Health found that Yellow 6 and Yellow five often cause carcinogens (carcinogenic compounds).

Odour is a broad term that can refer to any number of chemicals. A 2016 meta-analysis examined the safety of fragranced products, including personal care products, and concluded that “daily fragranced products can pose serious health risks to people.”

B Tight Before And After Pictures

B Tight Before And After Pictures

How long does it take for b tight to work?

As I said, 91% of women who tried this mask said they saw a reduction in cellulite. I’m excited to try this mask. I can’t wait. I mean, if anything can really shape my backside and help me get rid of my cellulite.

Although I am not a scientist, I decided to approach my mask experiment with a scientific attitude. During this study period, I will not change my diet or participate in any exercise that may involve my head or thighs to ensure that they will not affect my results. I will apply the cream twice a daytime (morning and evening) for three weeks and come back to see my results.

First Week

Well, let’s try that. I put my finger on the pink and red mask and started to spread it evenly over all my loot. I still have problems with my thighs, so I put the cream all over my thighs.

According to the instructions, I was warned that within 10 minutes, I would start to feel a warm feeling on my bottom and thighs.

Although the feeling is very different, I like it a lot because it seems to work. The fever subsided a bit but lasted a little longer, for about 2 hours.

At the end of the first week, I had not seen my cellulite disappear. I have to say that my butt and thighs feel better, and I feel like I’m shaking in those areas. My skin feels tighter, which makes me happy because I’m trying to get that tight ass! I just want my cellulite to go away!!

Second Week

I’m still used to the fact that I have to apply the booty cream every day, but don’t worry – I continue with my experience of the booty mask two times a day.

After a few weeks, I can say that my body feels smoother. My cellulite is still there, but it’s gone down a bit. I can’t wait to see if it goes down completely (fingers crossed).

Third Week

OK, that’s the end of the “loot experience”, and my head hasn’t quite seen it yet!

My cellulite disappeared almost completely, and my butt got a much-needed pump. The best thing is the confidence boost I got from using this mask. I’m always worried about people seeing my head and thighs, and you can’t put me in “short shorts” if you tried, but now my butt looks better and perkier and everything I do wear.

Can i use b tight on your stomach?

Use MAËLYS B-FLAT Tummy Firming Cream to make your tummy soft and smooth. This clinically proven cream helps create the appearance of a smoother, firmer and firmer stomach while reducing the appearance of stretch marks for younger stomach skin.

B Tight Reviews Reddit

Product Name:  Maelys Cosmetics B-Tight Anti Cellulite Booty Mask

Overall Rating:  

Product Type:  Booty Mask Cream

Size:  3.39 fl oz

Price:  $49.00 (+ $4.95 S&H)

Cost Per Ounce:  $15.96

Notable Ingredients:  Pink PepperSlim, Guarana, EcoSlim, and Red Grapefruit Oil

Maelys B Tight Side Effects

The worst review of B-Tight from a customer is from a user named “Meg” who says that the cream caused a painful reaction (several other reviewers made similar comments) :

“This cream says you’ll feel a ‘little’ burn. That’s a lie. Your ass will be hotter than hellfire. You put it on, think everything is fine, and then suddenly you feel the heat and think oh wow, this is the heat they are talking about. It’s not bad at all. Then, within 60 seconds, it’s so hot you’ll think someone poured perfume on your cheeks. You start to panic, and it starts to get hotter than you thought possible.

How often should i use b tight?

Use twice daily for best results. Caution: Please note that the B-Tight gets hot – this is normal! For a minimal experience, make sure the skin is completely dry after showering before applying. Please note that you must avoid direct sunlight on your product for 4 hours after application.

Does maelys b tight get rid of stretch marks?

It has been found that the clinic focuses on the appearance of sagging, loose underarm skin, helping to create strong and smooth arms. It has been found that the clinic helps to reduce the presence of stretch marks and give the skin a smooth stomach.


In this article, we have given the product review and instructions on how to use it for the best overcome. If you have any doughts kindly Contact@smartdiethealth or give us a massage in the box given below

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