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Long-Lasting Lipsticks That Won’t Budge All Day

Long-Lasting Lipsticks That Won’t Budge All Day

A woman’s favorite vanity essential is… you guessed it – lipsticks! They’re a girl’s best friend and this one product helps elevate an entire look, freshen up the face and also help nourish the lips if the lipstick is hydrating and nourishing.

One of the major issues with lipsticks is that they require touch ups and frequent reapplication. In recent times, there have been many products in the market which are long lasting, don’t come off easily and won’t budge all day no matter the routine. The best long lasting lipstick also has nourishing ingredients so that it doesn’t dry out the lips.

There are a lot of options in the market for non smudge lipsticks and we have put together our list which we hope will be helpful to select the best long lasting lipstick for you!

1.   Iba Must Have Transfer Proof Ultra Matte Lipstick

This 100% vegan lipstick is 100% transfer proof, smudge proof and perfect for all-day wear. Whether you eat, drink, have meetings all day, go out with your loved ones, this is one product that will never disappoint. The slim bullet lipstick form is perfect for a small clutch or purse and the intense color blooms on the lips upon application. The lipstick glides on effortlessly and stays put all day!

2.   RENEE Very Matte Pack Of 4 Matte Lipsticks

This is without a doubt the best smudge proof lipstick from the Renee range. Available in 4 shades, these lipsticks have a smooth, velvety finish with a very lightweight formula which stays on all day long. Renee has a great range of lipsticks in general and they are worth trying out!

3.   Four Play Non-Stop Airy Matte Liquid Lip – Ultimate Quad by Kiro Beauty

This is a stack of 4 lipsticks in one packaging! What a great way to get 4 shades for everyday use. The non smudge lipsticks are infused with apricot oil and avocado oil for nourishing your lips as long as the lipstick is not removed. The color payoff is very rich and intense, leading to pure pleasure. You can also use these as a lip and cheek tint and mix and match the lip & cheek shades!

4.   Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

This is a creamy lipstick in liquid form with 25 shades in the range, perfect for Indian skin tones. Smudge-proof, fade-resistant and mess-free application, this is a really great product to spruce up your daily as well as occasional makeup looks. The precise applicator ensures that one swipe gets the lipstick on and then it never budges!

5.   MyGlamm LIT Satin Matte Lipstick

This lipstick that lasts all day boasts of a 3D satin matte finish and smooth and even application of color without needing more than one layer of application. Targeted towards Gen-Z it provides a vegan choice for lipstick lovers. In a bullet form, this is the best smudge proof lipstick from the MyGlamm kitty. This lipstick is free from mineral oil and preservatives and so has no nasties and is suitable for use by any age group or skin type.

6.   Faces Canada Comfy Matte Crayon

This is a transfer proof, matte lipstick in a crayon format. Enriched with cocoa butter and chamomile extract, it also provides sun protection along with bright, vibrant color. It is sulfate and paraben free and safe for use by all skin types. Faces Canada lipstick is dermatologically tested and the best long lasting lipstick price is very reasonable.


  1. Are all long lasting lipsticks waterproof?

No, not all long lasting lipsticks are waterproof. Some are water-resistant but after too many times of exposure like sipping, drinking or dabbing with water, they will fade to a lighter shade on the lips. A truly best smudge proof lipstick is one that does not budge even if you may expose the area to water or sweat or humidity many times a day.

2. How do I remove these lipsticks from the lips?

Most transfer proof lipsticks will not come off cleanly if you use just soap and water or micellar water. You can take a little bit of pure coconut oil or any other oil on a piece of tissue or cotton and gently remove the lipstick in little circular motions – taking care not to rub too hard. The color will start to smudge and come off. Use a second piece for proper removal then wash up with regular face wash and water. Remember to moisturize your lips after you are done!

3. Are non smudge lipsticks toxic?

If bought from good brands like Iba, Faces Canada, Plum Goodness, etc. the lipsticks are usually not toxic and in fact do not contain any harmful chemicals which put your skin at risk. Always check the label before you buy – vegan, Halal and cruelty-free products are usually very safe to use. Do not buy from unknown, unbranded sources which refuse to give you a complete list of ingredients.

4. Which is the best long lasting lipstick?

As we said above, there are a lot of options available in the market for lipstick that lasts all day. The best ones are the Long Stay Matte range, Ultra Matte range and the Maxx Matte Liquid Lipstick range from Iba. all completely non-toxic lipsticks made from plant and mineral sources, they look great, nourish your lips and are at great prices.

We hope this little piece on long lasting lipsticks that don’t budge all day did justice to your time! Keep coming back for more!

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