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Lipstick is a cosmetic product usually made of wax and oil and is used to add color and texture to the lips. Color is created with various pigments, while the surface is formed with minerals like silica.

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Types Of Lipsticks

Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are a great alternative for women looking for a glossy, attractive shade. These lipsticks give the appearance of flat, dull lips, and Matte lipstick can make your lips look fuller and younger. She also advises using vitamin E and aloe products with matte lipsticks.

Creme Lipsticks

Cream lipsticks have a creamy and smooth texture and are very nourishing for the lips. They have a creamy, velvety texture with a hint of shimmer and fall between shimmer and matte. They contain a lot of wax and oil, giving them a creamy smooth surface with a tint of shine. Cream lipstick is a fantastic staple for a weekend or office outfit.

Satin and Sheer Lipsticks

Satin and sheer lipsticks are also options for dry lips. These lipsticks also hydrate and nourish the lips, making them smooth and shiny. Sheer and satin lipsticks contain a lot of oil, so they may appear darker on the bottle than on the lips. Another characteristic of lipsticks containing the oil is that they must be reapplied several times.

Gloss Lipsticks

Gloss lipstick is popular among ladies with thin or petite lips because it shines and adds dimension.  It can use in combination with regular lipstick.

Shimmer Lipsticks

Glitter lipsticks apply in the same way as cream lipsticks, but with more glide and shine. They’re formulated with shimmer pigments (colors that contain tiny bits of glitter) to give your lips a fuller appearance without drying them out. They are easy to put on and are perfect for evenings and formal occasions.


Instead of gloss lipsticks, Frost lipsticks reflect light and are often seen in much softer shades. They can even out the skin color of the lips or add volume by outlining the mouth. They can be heavier in the formulation and even a bit drying, so if you plan to use them, look for a moisturizing formula or moisturize before application.

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