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How Can I Straighten My Hair Without Needing an Iron?

How Can I Straighten My Hair Without Needing an Iron?: A shiny, healthy-looking hair will always be in fashion, be it colored, short or long. This article is aimed at all of you who have wavy or curly hair. Effective ways to try a new look without using the iron that will dry out your hair a lot, and using it frequently can damage it.

There are many ways, the most common require some effort after the shower to raise awareness of having a healthy and smooth hair and brilliant

How to Straighten Hair Without an Iron: Using Products

  • Formulation shampoo with straightening and hair reconstruction properties bind the keratin already present in our hair. We will recommend those that do not have sulfates; it dries the scalp.
  • Conditioner thanks to products that contain straightening properties, you can boast an easy-to-comb straightening. They do not have silicone as it does not allow the hair to breathe or regenerate hair cells.
  • Heat hair protector, essential for any drying with a hairdryer or iron, in our case a dryer, in this way we will be able to hydrate it from the heat, very useful in dyed or highlighted hair. Use it with more or less dry hair. Essential for hair that prevents frizz.

We can use the three products together or include some at home, such as honey in a conditioner, which acts smoother, stimulates growth, and provides shine and health.

How to Iron Your Hair: Turban Style

After showering while hair is still damp, untangle it with your head upside down and comb it until it is completely smooth. Separate the hair into strands and start wrapping it around the head; it must be tight and regular without being too close. If you have lengthy hair, you may have to turn your head more than once; use a comb.

Use bobby pins to hold the strands, and you will have the feeling of wearing a turban, hence the name. Cover with a towel and let it dry.

Straighten Hair Without Iron: Ion Brush

Ion brush allows less frizz by providing negative ions that your hair needs in each brushing, reducing heat and drying time to a minimum; the result is soft hair with extra shine.

Using this ion brush, we will get a straightening for longer, and to the touch, our hair will be like silk. You can find them wirelessly in the market that works with batteries or batteries or is are connected to the current. As simple to use as pushing a key and starting to style.

How to Iron Your Hair Without an Iron: Using a Hairdryer

Dryer + tube-shaped brush + hair serum. However,  We will apply the serum before starting to dry the hair, we will apply it on the tips with the fingertips, and then we will comb with a wide-tooth comb. We use the serum spraying throughout the hair to form a protective barrier neutralizing moisture. Then we will separate by strands, and with the help of a tube-shaped brush. We will straighten and dry our hair entirely with the appropriate nozzle.

We will use the temperature settings of the dryer, starting with low temperatures. High temperatures are for thick hair that tolerates them and needs more elevated temperatures. The cold air helps us close cuticles and is ideal for maintaining our hairstyle for longer.

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