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Phone Number 866 216-1072 Amazon Customer Service Number

Hello users, here we are going to Discuss about Phone Number 866 216-1072 Amazon Customer Service Number, What Does This Warranty Cover? And also 4 Ways to Contact Amazon Customer Service

For instructions on obtaining service under this limited warranty, contact customer service at 1-866-216-1072 or go to Customer Service will ask questions to determine your eligibility under this limited warranty.

What Is The Number 866 216 1075?

If you are an Amazon Pay customer, there’s an Amazon fraud safety crew you can call. The Amazon fraud mobile number to call in the US remains at 866-216-1075.

Secure Your Amazon Account With Two-Step Verification

The finest way to avoid an Amazon scam and protect your account from being hacked remains by enabling two-step verification. Two-factor authentication is the lot that requires an additional verification step to access an account. Although it can’t stop Amazon’s Alexa listening [after all, it must remain ready for your wake word], it will prevent hackers from incoming your account.

To set up two-step confirmation for your Amazon account:

  • [Log in and go to Account & Lists].
  • [Click Login & security].
  • [Click Turn on].

To help prevent your Amazon account from being hacked, click Turn on next to the 2-step verification.

Go to your phone number and click Continue [or use an Authenticator App].

Enter your one-time password (OTP) and click Continue.

Decide whether to check the box next to Don’t need OTP on this browser, then click Got it. Turn on Two-Step Verification.

Stay Safe When Using Amazon

Despite Amazon being one of the utmost trusted and extensively used online retail platforms in the world, or maybe because of it, hackers go to great distances to hack Amazon accounts. That’s why it’s essential to secure your online accounts and information.

Avast Breach Guard alerts you if any of your login information remains part of a data leak, helping you to change your logins before hackers use them proactively. You’ll also receive individualized tips for strengthening the security of your online accounts. Shop online more safely, knowing that your individuality and data remain monitored by best-in-class security protection.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

What Does This Warranty Cover_ Services, Inc. provides this limited warranty to you as the original purchaser of the Amazon Basics brand surge protector product you purchased (the “Surge Protector”). In addition to the one-year warranty for your surge protector, this limited guarantee covers damage to gear that remains adequately connected through a surge protector to a correctly wired and grounded outlet (including compliance with applicable codes). Electrical and safety standards of the most current electrical standards). (ANS/NFPA 70)) without connectors, extension cords, or other connections (an Occurrence). The surge protector may remain manufactured by a third party not affiliated with Amazon.

This limited warranty only applies if all cables leading to connected equipment pass through the surge protector.

The surge protector should remain plugged directly into a correctly wired AC power line with a protective ground and should not be “daisy chained” in series with other power strips, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), other protectors surge protectors, three to two-prong adapters or extension cords.

The Surge Protector Is Designed For Use Only Indoors And In Dry Areas.

The Surge Protector Is Designed For Use Only Indoors And In Dry Areas.

During the guarantee period, if a defect arises and you follow the orders we will provide to return the surge protector and connected gear, we will, at our option, take one of the following actions:  replace or repair the connected equipment damaged or repay you for the actual costs of replacement or repairing the damaged related equipment. We will spend a quantity equal to the lower of the fair market value or original purchase value of the damaged related equipment, up to a maximum of $20,000.

The Website Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) remain incorporated into this limited warranty by reference. If there is any inconsistency between the Terms of Use and this limited warranty, this incomplete warranty shall prevail. You can admission the current version of the Terms of Use at

This limited warranty remains null and void if a power interruption damages equipment connected via telephone, network, or coaxial lines; the surge protector used during the Incident is not provided to us for inspection upon request at your expense. We control that the surge protector has been opened, improperly installed, changed in any way, or interfered with.

We determine that the damage to the connected equipment was not a result of the Event or that no Event occurred; repair or replacement of damaged related equipment remains covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or the seller’s extended warranty; use the surge guard in any method with a generator, stove, sump pump, water-related device, life support device, medical expedient, car battery charger, motorcycle or golf cart; or we determine that the damaged connected equipment remained not used under normal operating conditions or by the manufacturer’s instructions for the related equipment.

This limited guarantee does not protect against acts of God (other than lightning) such as floods, earthquakes, or war; vandalism; heist; regular-

wear, erosion, exhaustion, obsolescence, abuse, or damage due to unauthorized modification, system equipment, or program change. This limited warranty also does not cover any information loss caused by or related to damaged connected equipment, and we will not repay you for any loss or restoration of data for loss of data.

For instructions on obtaining service under this limited warranty, please get in touch with the customer facility at 1-866-216-1072 or visit Customer Service will ask questions to determine your eligibility under this limited warranty. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Amazon Basics Product Identifier (ASIN): B00TP1C51M (black) or B00TP1C1UC (white)
  • Equipment that remained connected to the surge protector.
  • Connected equipment that remained damaged and the extent of damage.

4 Ways to Contact Amazon Customer Service

4 Ways to Contact Amazon Customer Service

Amazon is the largest retailer in the United States and one of the largest retailers in the world. And while most orders go through without a hitch, if a problem arises with your Amazon order, contacting customer service is the best way to resolve it. Amazon customer service can help you pledge a return, change an order, and troubleshoot account issues.

Contacting Amazon isn’t tricky, although speaking to a natural person may require some work. These are the four best ways to get Amazon, including some that will connect you with an actual representative.

Contacting Amazon during the top shopping week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday may take longer. Check out our Amazon Cyber Monday guide or workshop Black Friday deals on Amazon directly.

Use the Amazon Customer Service Help Page

  • The fastest way to get assistance with an Amazon order or account remains to visit the Customer Service page.
  • Amazon customer service help page.
  • This page should help you with the most fundamental problems. Amazon

Most of your questions and problems can probably remain resolved through this page alone. If you need help tracking an order that hasn’t arrived, initiating a refund, reloading a gift card, managing your account details, or troubleshooting device issues, check out the help articles on this page.

Call Amazon Customer Facility

Amazon’s customer facility phone number is 1-888-280-4331, and it is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Like most major retailers, Amazon favors that you use one of their automated customer support methods. Even if you call them directly, you’ll talk to a bot before hearing from a natural person. But if you keep digging, you’ll eventually connect with a human.

This technique also requires a cell phone connected to your Amazon account, as you must pass in a confirmation code or click a link that will remain sent to you via text message.

If calling seems like a hassle, you can also use their online live chat.

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