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Warren Museum: know inside the mythical Museum where is Annabelle

Warren Museum: inside the mythical Museum where Annabelle: Ed and Lorraine Warren stood out for solving more than 4,000 paranormal cases in the United States. In 1952 they decided to found a Museum of Occultism to display the terrifying objects they found in their careers. Among them was Annabella, the doll that inspired the film and who today mysteriously disappeared. Get to know inside the mythical place where the diabolical toy escaped. Located in rural  Monroe, Connecticut, the Museum is currently closed to the public following the death of its founder in April 2019. According to journalist Jorge Moreno, it is said that they will change the city and that they have already stolen several objects that are offered on the black market.

Lorraine and her group of researchers received the visitors until its regular operation for the approximately six-hour walk. After showing a video about exorcism, the tour continued through the house’s basement, where the objects that were forbidden to touch were located.

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Shadow doll

The doll of death: created in a magic ritual to send spells. Made from human bones and teeth from animals. The creators took pictures of the toy and sent them to the people they wanted to cast a spell on. His image appeared during dreams and stopped the hearts of the victims. Legend says that it cannot be destroyed because it would release its demons within.

Satanic Idol

Diabolical figures used in various rites that take place in the forests of Connecticut. It is protected in the Museum to prevent someone from using it again.

The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

In one of the most haunted houses in the United States, there was a mirror from which figures emerged, as well as tiny handprints printed on the glass. The story tells that it contains the spirit of Sara Woodruff and her children, who were poisoned.

The Piano of Terror

He tormented the inhabitants of the house wherever he was because suddenly, he began to touch himself.

Wedding dress

It belonged to an upper-class woman named Anne Baker who got engaged to a lowly mine worker. Her father did not allow her to continue with the romance, and later, she died. Her dress, which already chose, moves when there is a full moon, symbolizing that the woman’s soul does not rest in peace.

Bathsheba Sherman’s tomb

A witch who prepared a pact with the Devil hanged herself near her home. Many young people came to his grave, and some of them took pieces of the stone to do witchcraft works. The stones are in the Museum.



Perhaps the most famous object in the place until its disappearance. The Warrens located it in a glass case and guarded it. In recent years, a visitor made fun of the doll and was kicked out by its owners. When he got out on his motorcycle, he had a tragic accident where he lost his life.

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