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Get Ready For Spring: E-Liquid Flavors You Must Try

The very best vaping gear like mods, tanks, and kits are all very useful but they are nothing without the right juice or e-liquid to get them going.

Below are some awesome flavors to enjoy or test out this spring. Before you get started on the flavors, there are a few important items to keep in mind. Firstly keep in mind what the right amount of nicotine for you us. You should also consider your flavour profile , which is basically what flavors you like. Which is your favorite below?


Menthol is a fresh, cool, and arctic blast of the most flavorless vaping satisfaction. If you are looking for a lovely chest kick every time you inhale and a cloud full of fantastically mentholated icy goodness, you must try out the menthol e-liquid this upcoming spring.

Usually, you can get the menthol flavor in a standard mix, which is usually high PG. But, you can also avail the extra vapor mix, which is high VG. So, even as an MTL user, or a sucker of sub-ohm vaping, you will definitely get something nice with a refreshing arctic blast.

Strawberry & Kiwi – Seriously Fruity

If you are looking for a seriously fruity range this spring, then the strawberry and kiwi vape juice is a must-have. This e-liquid is prepared at a very high VG ratio, which means that you are only going to use this one in a DTL device.

If you use this e-liquid in a sub-ohm, it will kick out a lot of clouds. To get it to three milligrams, you will need to kick in two nicotine shots – it is going to last you for a long time, and you will truly enjoy the fantastic flavor.

Seriously Fruity will give you a fruity blast with every puff of your vape.

Cappuccino Salt Nic

This lovely deep, dark and earthy blend of rich coffee bean goodness with a fantastically thick creamy edge of the cappuccino froth on top – is an excellent must-have e-liquid for this spring. Usually, you get this e-liquid in three milligrams, six milligrams, and twelve milligrams – so, there is something for everyone.

So, if you just recently switched to vaping and have been smoking up until very recently, you are going to be able to use this e-liquid without fear of any sort of chest comfort. If you are looking for a kick start in the morning, you can switch to this vape flavor in the mornings and set the right mood for the day.

Loaded Glazed Doughnut

This e-liquid is another way to kick it off in the morning with the authentic doughnut flavor that comes with a sugary finish – an ideal spring-season breakfast. Think about it, waking up every spring morning with a cup of steaming hot coffee and an excellent doughnut-filled e-liquid.

Trust us when we tell you that you won’t be able to pull the breaks on the sugary, doughy taste, which is formulated with high VG. The dessert-like sweetness of this vape juice will leave you satisfied for longer hours – an ideal treat for the weekends.


This is a mist MTL short-fill typically mixed at a high VG ratio to suit the particular vaping need. The number one reason why this r-liquid is popular this spring is that you get the taste of a crunchy green apple in there.

You also get the blend of deliciously tart blackcurrant and a fantastic dose of arctic menthol. Together, this amazing blend is perfect for blasting it all out. Besides, the blizzard will serve as an excellent reminder of a cool jug of chilly squash on a particularly hot spring day.

The Takeaway

After getting the right setup of vaping, the hunt for the right e-liquid begins. No matter how much you vape, the right e-flavor will never make you feel tired of it. However, with numerous options to choose from. It might be a bit challenging to find the one that will give you the much-needed kick. Once you get the flavor that you really like, nothing stops you from having the perfect flavor burst with each puff.

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