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Newegg is an online-only shop; Newegg Inc. provides customers with a wide range of the newest consumer electronics products, including product descriptions, photographs, how-to guides, and customer testimonials. In addition, customers can communicate with other gamers, computer, and consumer electronics enthusiasts using the website’s online tech community. The main office of Newegg Inc. is located in the City of Industry, California. Company Stats

Industry Retailing
Founded 2001
Headquarters City of Industry, California
Country United States
CEO Danny Lee

Newegg’s E-Commerce UX

This case study examines Newegg’s user experience (UX) effectiveness in online shopping. It is based on a thorough performance analysis of 717 design components. In addition, to have a complete picture of the e-commerce UX landscape, 196 other websites were benchmarked.

The entire e-commerce UX performance of Newegg is subpar. The poor User Experience (UX) of Newegg’s Customer Accounts and Homepage & Category are the main problems.

Newegg.com_Top Gaming pc, Laptop, Revenue, And Tech

How to sell on Newegg

  • Apply to sell on Newegg.
  • You must first apply to become a Newegg Seller by giving the marketplace some basic details about your company. Just a few examples of the points you must supply are as follows:
  • Whether you have any products for sale on another platform.
  • Whether you’re a producer, distributor, retailer, or reseller.
  • Which nations do you intend to sell to?
  • Your warehouse’s percentage of inventory that is stocked, together with your annual sales, employee count, and SKU count for purchase.
  • Which membership plan (more on later) do you want to join?
  • Additional information about your company can be provided to Newegg in an open text area.

Newegg Marketplace membership plans

Three membership options are available to merchants on Newegg Marketplace: Standard (free), Professional ($29.95/month), and Enterprise ($99.95/month).

More features and add-on services are available with membership levels, plus discounts for Shipped by Newegg and the Newegg Shipping Label Service. Additionally, the listing capacities increase with each membership level: the Standard plan allows you to list up to 5,000 products, the Professional program up to 25,000 items, and the Enterprise plan an unlimited number of listings.

List your products

Your access to your Seller Portal, the central location from which you can lead and control every part of your account, including your listings, orders, marketing, claims, and performance reports, will come once your application to become a Newegg Seller has been granted.

You must first list your things on your seller page, though. After that, you can create a new item listing, an item from an existing list, or a batch upload of items. After that, you will be led through the complete procedure through the Seller Portal.


Built-in audience

You can immediately access the platform’s 32 million+ registered users by signing up as a Newegg seller. This gives you access to a sizable global market of potential buyers, most of whom are looking for products like yours (and know where to find you). Additionally, if you operate a separate online business, you can use Newegg’s existing customer base to draw visitors to your website.

Premier seller program

You might be eligible for the Newegg Premier Seller Programme as you gain expertise and popularity selling on the Newegg Marketplace. With the help of this exclusive membership program, qualified sellers may reach Newegg’s top-tier customers and take advantage of buyer incentives like extra-rapid shipping to boost sales even more.



Any e-commerce site you sell on will charge commission fees, but Newegg’s commission fees can pile up quickly. A premium membership plan also commits you to monthly payments for at least six months before allowing you to downgrade.

Limited features with the free plan

Although Newegg does provide discounts for its SBN service and specialized selling programs, access to these features requires a paid membership plan, which is a drawback. Therefore, if you choose not to purchase a membership, you can only use a few operating add-on services.

Disclosure Policy

  • Follow HackerOne’s Disclosure Guidelines. # Program rules
  • Provide detailed reports with repeatable steps. If the account is insufficient to copy the issue, the issue will not qualify for a reward.
  • Submit a vulnerability unless you must chain vulnerabilities together to generate an impact.
  • In case of duplicates, we only attribute the first report received (as long as it can be reproduced in its entirety).
  • Multiple vulnerabilities caused by an underlying issue will receive a bounty.
  • Social engineering (e.g., phishing, vishing, smishing) is prohibited.
  • Please make a reasonable faith effort to prevent privacy breaches, destruction of data, and interruption or degradation of our facility. Only interrelate with accounts you own or with the explicit permission of the account holder.

Program Guidelines

Although Newegg frequently uses the same code in multiple locations, which may give the impression that these vulnerabilities are distinct, it is company policy to fix vulnerabilities found in one place in all areas. As a result, we will only pay bounties on the initial report of a vulnerability affecting a particular piece of code, and vulnerabilities affecting multiple parameters in the same form will be treated as the same vulnerability.

 How to set up Order Sync for Newegg Marketplace

  1. Go to Commands > Settings
  2. Click the plus button and add Newegg as a marketplace
  3. Orders are uploaded and updated via the Newegg API, while Newegg product feeds on GoDataFeed send product data via FTP. This means that the feed shipping details in the Post Settings section of a Newegg product feed settings cannot be used for GoDataFeed like they can be used for Amazon and eBay.
  4. Newegg SellerId – Find your Seller ID in the Newegg Seller Portal Dashboard.
  5. Newegg Secret Key – Email Newegg Support to get your API secret key. In the email’s body, include the seller’s store name, email address, and seller ID, and indicate that the request is for GoDataFeed. NewEgg will process the request within 24 hours. You can use the following:

Configure the shipping method table:

  • Set shipping methods for each Newegg shipping service you offer customers, which will appear in the order details in your store when GoDataFeed creates the order on your store’s platform.
  • If you use the GoDataFeed API, this will be the value provided for the shipping method when requesting new orders.
  • Shipping Method: This is Newegg’s shipping services that may be offered to customers.
  • Carrier – Set a static value when GoDataFeed updates Newegg with your store’s tracking number.
  • Name – Usually, you need to make the name the same as the value.
  • Value: This is the shipping method value that will appear in your store’s order details (this will be “shipping method” in the GET order API call ). Most platforms allow you to use any value, but Volusion merchants must use the shipping option code.

Newegg: Marking A Product As Inactive

If you want to mark a product inactive on Newegg, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Sources tab in the left navigation
  • Select model NewEgg
  • Select Custom Rules in the SETTINGS section of the sidebar menu
  • Configure a rule to set the ActivationMark to FALSE for the desired products
  • Configure another rule to set UpdateType to Update/Append Image

Connecting Newegg: API Access Authorization

API Access Authorization – Requesting API Credentials

Necessary: If the API settings are not accessible to you, please submit requests OR seek access to this functionality from the owner of your Newegg admin account. For more information, see Manage Sub-user Access for Account. The entrance can be adjusted under User Account Settings under Manage Account > Data Feed Settings.

  1. Go to the Seller Portal, Manage Account, Data Feed Settings, and API Settings in Newegg.
  2. Information about API/Secret keys assigned to accounts.
  3. Turn on or off API access. The account’s current API access status. Please contact the Integration team if you have any queries or problems.
  4. Since your Seller API and Secret Key are used to send your feed, you can ask for these specifics by contacting the Newegg Integration team. Godatafeed won’t be an option when choosing a service provider.
  5. For your API Secret Key, email or Newegg Support.
  6. Make sure to include the seller’s shop name, email address, and seller id in the email’s body and state that the request is for GoDataFeed.
  7. NewEgg will handle the request in 24 hours. For each account, the service provider will keep track of any requested secret keys. Click the “X” in the Remove column for a specific service provider to remove the authorization.
  8. Copy and paste the underground key into GoDataFeed.

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