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Marcela Basteri: Is it in Las Matas?

Marcela Basteri: Is it in Las Matas?:The day Andrés García Spoke About The Whereabouts of Marcela Basteri. For many years the whereabouts of Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel’s mother, have been a mystery. Some people say that she is alive and resides in Argentina. However, others mention that she died a few years ago. As we saw in the first chapter of the second part of Luis Miguel, the series died and buried in a house in Las Matas, Madrid. Someone who supports this theory about the whereabouts of Luis Miguel’s mother is Andrés García, who lived with Luisito Rey and Luis Miguel for many years when the singer began his career.

What did Andres Garcia Tell in an Interview with Ventaneando?

In an interview with Ventaneando, Andrés García told her relationship with Luis Miguel and mentioned that Luisito Rey l asked for help to kill Marcela Basteri, something he refused. Moreover, the actor also asked where you think the remains of El Sol’s mother are. En his talk, Andrés García spoke about Luis Rey’s house in Las Matas, Spain. “On one occasion, while in Spain with Luisito Rey, he showed me a charming house that they had bought in Madrid. Then he sent for the house’s caretaker because we could not enter; it closed with stone and mud. I wanted to show it off (the house), we had to wait about 40 minutes for the caretaker to appear; I was surprised that he didn’t have keys to the place that I later saw was very pretty. ”

Fans Have Crazy Theories on What Happened to Luis Miguel’s Missing Mom

A major storyline in Luis Miguel La Serie is the Mexican singer’s search for his missing mother, Marcela Basteri. In flashback scenes on the Telemundo show, Luis Miguel’s relationship with his mom documented and revealed their close mother-son bond. Luis’ mom came up with his nickname, El Sol de México.

However, LuisMi (played by Diego Boneta) was separated from his mother by his father, Luis Rey, and he last saw her during his show in Luna Park in Argentina in 1985. Audiences watched as Luis searched for Marcela using his connections in the Mexican government, traveling to Italy with his younger brother Alejandro and going so far as to hire Mossad agents to try to locate her reportedly.

Season 1 ended with him receiving an envelope from Mossad, claiming to contain the location of Marcela.

But as Luis Miguel’s Mother ever Found?

Several theories surround Marcela’s disappearance, which unfortunately has never been solved. She allegedly last seen flying to Italy with her son, Sergio, in 1986, but no one has seen her since. The last person to see Marcela alive was her estranged husband, Luis Rey, who claimed that she had run away with an Italian lover.

Theory No. 1: Luis Rey Killed Luis Miguel’s Mom.

In the series, LuisMi is shown going to his father’s deathbed in 1992, asking him where his mother is. His father’s last word, according to the show, was the cryptic line, “You know where your mother is.”

This turned out to be TV fiction, as Luis never went to see his estranged father before his death. But there are plenty of reasons to believe that Luis Rey — who controlled his wife and his son — would want Marcela to disappear.

He reportedly put several companies he started with money stolen from his son under her name to hide his connections to the illegal businesses. He also needed Marcela’s signature on Luis Miguel’s music contracts, something she would withhold since Luis Rey was keeping their son away from her at the time of her disappearance.

With Marcela gone, Luis Rey would have 100 percent control of Luis Miguel physically and financially. However, none of this has ever been proven.

Theory No. 2: Marcela was Lock up in a Mental Hospital.

There was a heartbreaking scene on the show where a private investigator led LuisMi to a mental hospital in Italy. It turn out to be a dead-end, and the woman believe to be Marcela was, in fact, not. It would be easy to see why people would believe Marcela went crazy.

Following the birth of her third son, Marcela seemingly suffered from postpartum depression. Around that time, she split from Luis Rey, leading to her separation from LuisMi, who was a teenager at the time.

Theory No. 3: Marcela is in Argentina.

One Reddit thread points to a news story that surface last year that claimed that LuisMi’s mom was found in Buenos Aires. However, it turned out to be a woman named Honorina Montes, who looked just like the “No Sé Tú” singer’s mom.

Again, LuisMi has never spoken publicly about his mother’s disappearance.

Fans Think They Know What Happened to Luis Miguel’s Mom

“Luisito Rey stole more than $20 million from his son while he was manager, and I think Marcela knew and threatened him to tell his son or go to the authorities, or both. I think that’s why he killed her in Spain,” one fan hypothesized. “It was rumor Luisito Rey had AIDS, and he passed it onto Marcela, and she died from it in a mental asylum.”

Another theorized, “A rumor has also been circulating for some years now, that Marcela died during a drug-fueled party and Luisito (with accomplices) dumped and hid her body to protect himself.”

Whatever happened to Marcela, we hope LuisMi has gotten some closure.

Andrés García: What Was the Real ‘relationship’ he Had with Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel’s Mother

The famous Dominican actor and producer Andres Garcia is one of the people who best know Luis Miguel. It helped him to “El Sol de México” at the beginning of his successful artistic career. This is because the show producer was also Luis Rey’s best friend, which forged a significant relationship between both families.

Although, the ties of friendship are not the same over the years between the actor and the singer, they have always been broke; the rumor has always been maintain that the former novelist had a sentimental relationship with Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel’s mother.

On his YouTube channel, Garcia, now 80 years old, answered a question from one of his fans about whether he had a clandestine relationship with Basteri: “There was never such. We spent the family of Luisito Rey with Luis Miguel as a child and Alejandro, his brother, and his father and Marcela 24 hours a day. Either I ate at their house, or they ate mine. But there was never such. It would have been an honor for me to be Luis Miguel’s father, but I was lucky enough to be able to take care of him while it was pertinent “, began counting.

The actor also spoke about his relationship with Luis Miguel.

“There is a time when men are growing up; Luis Miguel became an excellent star and had to make his own decisions. This is how we have walked the relationship, right? Quietly a father and son relationship, but there was nothing with Marcela Basteri “.

Andrés García has reveal on previous occasions what happened to the “The Sun of Mexico.” “Perhaps fame rose a little to him and then I got upset and answer as I answer. Especially when they are famous it is difficult because the son, suddenly, already wants nobody to tell him anything”.

The actor said on that occasion that Luis Miguel thought he was his birth father. It was when he said, “I don’t look like my dad; I look more like you.” And I add: “He imitated me in a way that you could die of laughter; he imitated me perfectly well.”

Although the 80-year-old actor has repeatedly state that he would love to get back in touch with “Sun,” It is a reality that this desire seems to be far from being realized.


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